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Education Records

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The privacy of a studentís education records are protected under a law called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA. The law applies to almost all schools.

Parents or eligible students (eligible students means students 18 years old or above or students who are now beyond high school) must usually give permission for educational records to be released. However, schools can provide the information to some parties such as:

  • School officials with a legitimate educational interest;
  • Certain officials when the school is undergoing an audit or evaluation;
  • Parties who may be providing financial aid to the student; and
  • State and local authorities with a valid law enforcement interest.

Schools can give out "directory information" without the permission of parents or eligible students. Directory information is information such as:

  • Studentís name;
  • Studentís address;
  • Studentís telephone number;
  • Date and place of the studentís birth;
  • Honors and awards the student received; and
  • Dates the student attended the school.

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