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It Pays to be a Smart Consumer -- caption page
Cartoon animation of house in the country. (Happy music.)
Zoom in to teen boy on computer. He is getting ready to click on a link to buy an electric guitar. This is a fake website.  The pet cat pulls the plug on the computer.
Young woman takes keys to a new car from a car salesman. Same pet cat is in the passenger seat.  They drive away. Down the road, the car breaks down and turns into a giant lemon. The cat shakes his head.
Middle-aged woman runs to the door with money in her hand and falling out of her purse. She is ready to hand it over to a vacuum cleaner salesman at the door. Toddler is near the door chewing on a small toy.  Cat slams the door on the salesperson.
Older couple stands in front of house while "fly by night" home improvement truck pulls up and repairmen enter the house. The older adults shrug at each other while the home improvement crew exits the house and drives off. The side of the house immediately falls down, followed by another side, revealing the teen boy upstairs still sitting at the computer. Shocked, he turns to see the wall fall.
Cat and toddler chewing on small toy are seated on the front lawn next to a sign that says Smart Consumer dot CT dot gov.
(Voice over) At every age and every stage, it pays to be a smart consumer.  To find out how, go to w w w dot smart consumer dot CT dot gov
Cat knocks small toy out of toddler's mouth. Toddler smiles.
White screen showing Department of Consumer Protection seal and beneath it the web address w w w smart consumer dot CT dot gov
(Music ends)

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