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Watching Out for Job Scams

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Dishonest people are sometimes called scammers. Scammers might promise to help you find a job if you pay them. But after these scammers take your money, you get nothing. This is a job scam.

Most fake job offers have things in common. A job scam:

  • promises you a job

  • guarantees that you will make money

  • often says you can work at home

  • might offer government jobs no one knows about

Scammers advertise fake jobs:

  • in the newspaper

  • online

  • on signs, posters, and flyers

What does a fake job offer look like?

An ad for a job that could be a scam might look like this:

{a fake job ad}

How do job scams work?

You see an ad on a poster, online, or in the newspaper. The ad promises that you will get a job. The ad might guarantee that you will make a certain amount of money.

You respond to the website or phone number in the ad. You will hear more promises. And then someone will ask you to pay:

  • to get the job

  • for more job listings

  • for supplies to start a business at home

  • for a certification that is supposed to get you a job

If you pay, you will not get the job they promised. Instead, you might get:

  • a list of jobs that is old

  • job search advice you could get for free

  • a certificate that will not help you get a job

  • nothing at all   

You will not get your money back, even if they promised you would. 


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