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Ditching Online Dating Scams

{What to Know} {What to Do}

Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to meet people. And many do find successful relationships. But scammers also use these sites to meet potential victims. They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love. Some even make wedding plans before disappearing with the money.

An online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist. Watch out if your online sweetheart:

  • wants to leave the dating site immediately and use personal email or instant messaging

  • claims love in a heartbeat

  • claims to be from the U.S., but is traveling or working overseas, either in business or for the military

  • plans to visit you, but keeps being delayed by traumatic events or a business deals that go wrong

  • asks you to send or wire money

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