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Annual credit report

Auction, online


Automobile Lemon Law


Baby monitor

Baby safety

Backpage (online ads)

Buying online


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Car (see Automobile)

Charities, researching

Computer, protecting (also see Online Safety)

Consumer Protection, Department of


Credit history

Credit repair scam

Credit report, ordering free

Credit report, checking

Crib safety


Dating scams, online

Do Not Call Registry

Department of Consumer Protection


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Email, reducing unwanted




Free credit reports


Green Dot card


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Health club

Health Club Guaranty Fund

Home repairs and home improvement


Identity theft, avoiding

Identity theft, protecting children

Identity theft, recovering from

Identity theft report

Infant safety

Internet (see Online)


Job scams

Junk mail (reducing)


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Lemon Law

Loan, payday



Modeling scams, child

Modeling scams, teen

Mortgage, reverse


New Car Lemon Law



Online auctions

Online classifieds

Online dating scams

Online safety

Online safety, children

Online shopping


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Payday loans

Phone (see Telephone)

Photography scams, children

Photography scams, teen

Prepaid card scam

Privacy Issues and Connecticut Laws

Product recalls

Pyramid scheme



Rental scam

Reverse mortgage


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Safe toys

Scams, common:

Selling and shopping online

Signs of a scam


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Talent agencies

Telephone fraud and scams

Toys, safe


Travel scams


Wi-Fi network


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