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Financial Literacy

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The Department of Consumer Protection, in collaboration with its public and private partners, is working toward a goal of full financial literacy for all of Connecticut’s residents, children and adults.
You can help your children learn basic financial literacy by:
  • Talking with them about the difference between” needs” and “wants.”
  • Showing them how to budget, as soon as they have their own money.
  • Open a savings account for them, and let them be part of the process.
  • Encourage them to save.
  • Talk to them about appropriate household spending choices you make every day – in the supermarket, while shopping for clothing, or other common purchases. Ask them to compare the price and size of a box of cereal, for instance.
  • Searching for online financial literacy programs developed specifically for children.
  • Encourage your children’s schools to include financial literacy in the curriculum.
For more information on financial literacy:

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